Category: Zero waste lifestyle


Beginning My Homestead Garden

My tips, opinions, and experiences as I begin my garden. My goal is to be a homesteader and I have started by gardening.


Walkable Cities and other Ideas for Greener Cities

This blog discusses some of the benefits of walkable cities and of supporting local businesses in order to decrease pollution. It also gives examples of what a city can do to be considered pedestrian friendly.

Easy DIY Dog and Cat Zero Waste Tips

In this blog I present a few easy tips to apply our zero waste thinking and apply it to how we purchase items for our pets. This a short overview of common pet areas we should consider for zero waste.

Cambios Cero Desperdicio: Gratis, Baratos y Faciles.

En este blog ofresco usar objectos que ya tenemos en casa para fuciones alternativas que tal vez no habiamos considerado tipo cero desperdicio.

El Reciclaje de Ropa y Alternativas

En este blog explico el proceso del reciclaje de ropa, y ofresco 3soluciones alternativas.

Easy Peasy Composting: Black Gold

In this blog I provide a guide to starting your own compost as far as what can and shouldn’t be composted. Also how to trouble shoot some common issues.

40 Maneras para una Primavera/Cuaresma Cero-Desperdicio

En este blog construi un calendario con ideas para cada dia de la cuaresma para practicar vivir cero desperdicio.

Ten ways to be zero-waste on a plane trip

In this blog I suggest ten ways to travel while maintaining a zero waste lifestyle.

Tres Formas de Tratar la Basura

En este blog, explico breviamente 3 maneras en que se procesa la basura y menciono ventajas y desventajas de cada metodo.

What CAN You Recycle?

This blog lists and gives examples of what can, cannot, and sometimes be recycled. I also provides resources to find out your local centers.