About Live Green Simply

Since I was a little girl, I was always curious about how things around me worked. As I grew, I began to see the connection between our decisions as humans and the damaging effects they have on the balance of the ecosystems. I always tried my hardest to be conscientious of my actions, but I had little knowledge on so many topics that related to a greener lifestyle. It is this mixed feeling of wanting to take action and feeling lost on how to start that motivated me to start my blog and business. Live Green Simply.

I feel that humans have a moral duty to protect our environment. I am learning new ways to lessen the damage on the environment, and I apply them to my daily routines. Through my actions I wish to inspire others to follow, and to educate about why it is important to help reduce pollution. I want my great grandchildren to experience similar joys I had as a child; for them to be amazed by the array of creatures and plants on this planet. I want us to live in a greener planet. 

We must change our habits and way of thinking to help solve modern day global problems. I would like to be a resource and partner for people who understand and wish to change to a greener lifestyle. I wish to provide tools or sources where they can find the tools they need to live more environmentally friendly. Currently, I focus on hand made unique arts and crafts with an interest in recyclable materials and body care items that are gentler on the skin without so many chemicals and preservatives. Most, if not all of my products can be individualized, and custom made which bring me satisfaction knowing people will enjoy something nobody else has, all the while proving a greener lifestyle is reasonable and attainable.


Here is a link to my survey it is 10 easy questions regarding being environmentally friendly. It should only take about 1 min and I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas! 

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